Dedicated to new music

Magheia - Our Premiere CD!

Featuring the PSQ with guest artist Victoria DiMaggio Lington.

The impetus to record this album came about as a result of our performance of Lucie Robert-Diessel's "Magheia." This "magical" masterpiece for saxophone quartet and piano has been recorded once before not long after the premiere of the piece in 1976 with the composer at the piano. We were so inspired by the work, that we wanted to record it! As a result of correspondence with the composer, we were fortunate to have her write a new work for this combination of instruments, "Issôs?" Finally, the opening work on the recording is by San Francisco Bay Area composer, Jon Scoville. His lively, minimalist style work, "Sr. Miro's Saxophone" is a regular crowd pleaser at our concerts. We hope you'll enjoy it!

The PSQ has premiered several new works and arrangements. Below are a few of them!

"Le vent bleu" by François Rose written for the PSQ
Ralph Vaughn Williams "Six Studies in English Folksong" as arranged by our own Aaron Lington for saxophone quartet. Movement 1 and 6.
Thermals II by Dan Wyman, written for the PSQ.
David Carlson's "Incendiary Devices" - Movement 1 (Written for the PSQ)
David Carlson's "Incendiary Devices" - Movement 2
David Carlson's "Incendiary Devices" - Movement 3
David Carlson's "Absolute Music"
David Biedenbender’s “ “you’ve been talking in your sleep”